‘Angola in my heart’ is a project exploring the theme of connection to place and culture while living in another country. How strongly is our identity tied to our country and how does the expression of this connection help us to ‘feel whole’?

The first time I came to Portugal was to learn about Kizomba, a dance from Angola, and I have since been continuing to learn more about a culture that is rich in so many aspects such as music, language, dance, food and customs. Angola gained their independence from Portugal in 1975 after 492 years of occupation and are the second-largest group of African migrants in Portugal. 

The individuals in this project are all Angolans living in Portugal, who strongly feel connected to their country of birth. All expressing their connection in ways that are personal to them.

If you are an Angolan living in Portugal, and are interested in participating in this project, please get in touch via the contact form. 


"My head has space for everybody. You earn a lot when you give.”

Marly is a creative young Angolan who runs her own sewing business Afro Imbambas using African fabrics. She has big dreams for her business and also for how she can help others at the same time. 



"When you dance you can't stay sad."

Born from his love of the dance of his homeland, Kizomba, Adilson formed a team to create an online magazine dedicated to this dance - Kizomba Flame. Deixa-se queimar! Let yourself burn!



That someone does not miss at least one meal per day. 

Joaquim and his team run the non-profit organisation Fome Zero Angola which raises money to help those who are struggling to feed their families and to eradicate hunger in Angola. 


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