"Dance and love are the two things that unite people.

If anyone knows Adilson, they know that he loves to dance. From his love of kizomba and its music, he had an idea for many years to create an online magazine about this dance. He wanted to make a contribution to this important part of Angolan culture. To share the history, the music and the artists. This idea, which he has turned into a reality with his team, has become Kizomba Flame. Deixa-se queimar! (Let yourself burn!)

Kizomba is a traditional Angolan dance and is integral to the lives of many Angolans. “Dance for me is very important. There are two moments in life when we are true, when we dance and when we sleep. I like dance, dance is very joyful. When you dance you can’t stay sad. If you dance with people who dance very well, your eyes are bright, you have a different smile, you are true. Dance and love are the two things that unite people. When we dance with someone it is only our moment. When you dance your mind flies and when you sleep your spirit flies for this moment. You make exercise and you enjoy at the same time. You don’t feel like this is exercise, but it is exercise. It is very interesting. I know one woman, she is an older woman, she has 75 years. When she walks normally, she has the stick the whole day. When it is Sunday, Sunday is the party for all, you see that the woman doesn’t have the stick. She dances normally. Because dance is this, it has this power. I don’t know, it is very special.”

Often, part of the dance experience is getting dressed up and those who know Adilson, also know that he likes to dress with style. “Angolans like to dress chic, very elegant. For men and women, it’s the same. Angolans have style, good style. Imagine we are in a party, one Angolan man arrives, all the people know they need to see. Angolans have a strong personality, big attitude and are very proud.”

“I have missing but the time doesn't come back because it has passed.” 

Adilson was born in Angola and came to Portugal with his mother when he was 12 years old. They came to be with family as things were difficult with the ongoing war in Angola at the time. “I remember very well my last day in Angola. I talked with my friends, kids like me, ‘Portugal is a very good country. You can make pee pee in the street’ (laughs). My good friend, he was very funny, he said to me ‘You go to Portugal? It is very different to Angola. In Portugal you have a good life, so give me your watch because the hour in Portugal is different to the hour in Angola, you don’t need this any more.’  This guy thinks I am crazy! I have good memories of my life in Angola, the children are more free. I have missing, but the time doesn’t come back because it has passed.”

The idea for the online magazine, Kizomba flame has been with Adilson for more than 15 years. “This idea was in the drawer, saved, because at first I was focused on my family life. I had a job that took my whole day and when I got home, I was very tired. I didn't want to think about the magazine anymore. When I arrived home, I took care of me and my family first, and then I didn’t have the will. I had bills to pay and the stomach doesn't stay waiting! Then, second, it was because I needed a good team, a team that understood the concept of my plan, my goal. It was not easy because although everyone likes kizomba, not everyone is willing to work on something or to dedicate without having money involved.”

Adilson worked as a dance events organiser for a while and also had thoughts of being a singer or composer. “This idea for ​​the magazine started once, I realised that I couldn’t be a singer, because I can’t sing anything! As an event organiser I had to have a good work team, and not only think about money. I wanted to write songs, be a composer. I can’t sing, but I can write.  But at the time I was not very focused on writing. I wasn’t inspired. So I looked for an idea to do something - not to sing, not to write, not to make parties. And the idea for a kizomba magazine was born! Today it is Kizomba Flame, but in the beginning it was just a kizomba magazine.”

During the period of confinement in Portugal, Adilson formed a team of like minded friends who now work relentlessly to make this idea a reality. “I did this by evaluating, studying the person's behaviour before making the invitation because I needed to know if this person, in relation to the addition, is of the same opinion as me and what was the contribution that person could make to the magazine. Then I talked with my friends, they accepted, and we decided to keep the name - Kizomba Flame. Deixa-se queimar!!”

"Kizomba flame is a reference in the world for Kizomba."

“My dream is for the magazine to be a leader, to be consumed, be a reference in kizomba. If a person wants to know something about the world around them you have a magazine, a world record. If you want to know who are the richest, most influential people in the world you have Forbes magazine.  My intention is that when people want to know more about kizomba, they look for Kizomba Flame magazine. This is my objective. A reference in terms of  kizomba songs, music and dance. Kizomba Flame is a reference in the world for kizomba!"

Kizomba has become very popular throughout the world, but preserving its roots is an important objective for the magazine. It is recognised that evolution of the dance is natural and that it is giving rise to other styles. “But despite that, kizomba can not disappear. People need to know what is kizomba, what is Kizomba Fusion, what is Kizomba Show.” Adilson wants to contribute by helping the dance to “keep true to its rhythm, its essence, keep it true to the original style.”

Dance for many is an essential part of life. Whether it be part of their culture, or part of their soul. For Adilson, to dance with good music and good connection with a dance partner means “I’m free. I forget my problems. I enjoy in the moment. When I dance, I fly in my imagination, I go. But when I open my eyes I can see reality. When the party is finished. Oh, no! My God! (laughs) Dance is very good!”

"When you dance you can't stay sad.

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