Guinea Conakry is a West African country with rich musical traditions and many talented musicians. 

Every year, Epizo and Sibo Bangoura take students from around the world to their home country of Guinea Conakry. These two brothers are from a Griot family and are traditional custodians of Guinean music. Griots are important to Guinean culture as they keep cultural traditions and stories alive as well as pass them on to the next generation. 

During the trip you can join in classes of traditional instruments such as djembe, kora and balafon as well as traditional dance. All dance and drum classes are accompanied by live music. You are also taken to explore other areas of this amazing country. 

If you are passionate about African dance or music and are interested in joining one of these trips, get in contact with Epizo (epizob@yahoo.com) or Sibo (sibodjembe@gmail.com).

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